Bass Fishing Blog

The Bass Fishing Blog is my way of letting you know what is going on in my world of bass fishing. I will tell you about...

New web pages describing new lures on the market, a forgotten bass lake I have found or another state park lake I have fished.

What lures are working at what lake, updated fishing reports and pictures of record breaking bass being caught.

Top Bass Lakes and Guides

Looking for a lake to go bass fishing? Here you can find great bass lakes and guides who can offer bass fishing charters. Finding the right guide makes all the difference.

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Bass Boats

Finding bass boats and choosing the right one is not so difficult if you know where to look and what to look for. Tips on inspecting before buying.

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Fishing State Parks

Fishing state parks is the best kept secret for catching big bass. Discover your secret bass fishing lake right down the road.

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Mississippi Bass Fishing

Mississippi bass fishing offers many opportunities to land a trophy bass. Not just bass, many species of fish live in the waters of the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico, the Tenn-Tom Waterway and

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Fishing Reports for every state. Updated weekly and sometimes daily by the anglers who catch the fish.

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Texas Bass Fishing

Everything in Texas is bigger right! That includes the largemouth bass you are going to haul in when you try Texas bass fishing.

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Alabama Bass Fishing

Monsters Are Hiding Here In Lakes And Rivers. NO! Not Your Mother-in-Law. I am Talking About Alabama Bass Fishing!

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