Fishing Knots

There are many graphics and videos of fishing knots all over the web.

Anglers have many options when tying lures to their fishing line, but there are only a two knots that are used on a consistent basis when bass fishing.

If you have ever lost a bass because your line came untied then use these two knots to improve your chances.

They are the Polamar Knot and the Improved Clinch Knot.

There are a whole bunch of knots used by many different kinds of fishermen. I will only mention four that I think are the most useful.

Those fishing knots are listed here...

Improved Clinch is the most popular and easiest knot used to tie a line to a hook.

Polamar is the most reliable knot used with braided line.

Arbor is used to tie your line to the reel when spooling it up.

Drop Shot Rig Knot is used to tie the hook to the fishing line when using this technique.

Uni Knot is a little easier to tie than the Improved Clinch.

I am going to show you a video of how to tie the Improved Clinch Knot. It is the knot I use most often to tie hooks and lures to my line when bass fishing.

Improved Clinch Knot

The Improved Clinch Knot is my favorite knot because I have large fingers and this knot is easier for me to tie.

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