Cabin Rentals Rock!

Rent a Cabin For a Weekend Getaway

cabin rental bass lake

Cabin Rentals Rock!.... Yeah I know that sounds kinda weird but I couldn’t think of anything else.

Living in a cabin, by a beautiful lake, surrounded by the natural beauty of the woods and wild life is special.

If only for a few days, you get to disconnect from the fast paced world around you.

Depending on where your cabin is located, you can usually pull your boat up on the bank close to your back door.

Stepping out the back door as the sun is rising and heading to the boat with fishing tackle in hand is a great feeling. I’m getting goose bumps now!

But let’s back up a minute. To begin with, you are on a bass fishing vacation with your family.

You got a good night’s sleep in your cozy cabin( with visions of big bass jumping in your dreams).

You woke up early, got a bite to eat out of the kitchen, and went to sit on the back porch with your cup of coffee.

cabin tental back porch at bass fishing lake

While sitting on the back porch of your cabin, you gaze down to the lake’s edge and spot a few ripples in the shallow water.

The bass are feeding in the shallows while it is still cool.

Dang! I can’t stand it anymore! Get up and get out there and pull one of those big ones outa there man!

You have been on the lake all morning in your boat and it’s getting hot.

You are hungry and your elbow is tired from battling big bass.

Then pull your boat up to the bank behind your cabin, go inside that nice cool cabin and relax for a while!

Hot bass fishing and cool cabins. I like that combination.

cabin rental living room at bass fishing lake

Try out that combination at your favorite state park. I suggest these parks as my favorites….

Natchez State Park

Paul B, Johnson State Park

Clarko State Park

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