Fishing Cold Fronts

Fishing cold fronts drives a lot of anglers crazy.

Save your sanity and figure out what the bass are doing.

Hint: Where shad go bass will follow!

Cold fronts in the fall are a sign that summer bass fishing patterns are over.

This is not a bad thing really. Actually, the fishing may get better after the cold front passes.

Why? Because now the shad are going into shallow water in the coves and creek channels.

The bass are following the shad.

Ok, hang on, let’s back up a minute and talk about something first.

Fishing cold fronts is a little misleading.

What happens during the cold front that might last 2 or 3 days.

Why are all the hawg hunters at home cleaning their equipment?

Because the bass have quit biting!

During cold fronts the pressure rises and affects the eating habits of the bass.

I think it’s kind of like you getting a cold and your sense of taste turns blah.

Nothing tastes good and so you don’t want to eat.

I think that’s what happens to Mr. Bass during cold fronts.

The pressure rises, Mr. Bass gets a cold, and his desire for food takes a hike.

He is sick and lethargic and just wants to be left alone.

That is why most anglers are not fishing cold fronts.

This might sound kinda off the wall, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Ok, now it’s after the cold front and Mr. Bass has his taste buds back.

The shad have bunched up in shallow water in coves and creek channels and the bass are following.

The cooler water temp is a signal to the bass that it’s time to start eating hard and heavy to get fat for the winter.

What could be more fun than fishing for bass that are hungry?

cold front fishing bait crankbait and shad

So what lures would you use when fishing after a cold front?

Well the bass are looking for something that is the same size as the shad they are eating.

Try these lures...

Crankbait, chrome and blue with a short lip for the 3-5 feet deep water

Spinnerbait, white skirt with gold leaf

Jig, white and blue skirt

I suggested these colors but of course use whatever works.

One key to remember when fishing after cold fronts is to be patient.

Some of the bass will still be lethargic and picky.

Make small cranks on the reel and be patient. If you want to go for the bigger boys, move out a little deeper.

The creek channels will run out into deeper water where bigger bass may be waiting for injured shad and stragglers to come by.

Throw a chrome Rat-L-Trap around structure or standing timber in 8-12 feet of water.

Let the lure flutter down to imitate an injured shad.

Use spinnerbaits and jigs here also.

If none of these work, Texas rig a 6-8 inch plastic worm with NO weight and sling it out around structure.

Let it hit bottom and use short quick movements to retrieve it and hang on.

Enjoy the outdoors where ever you are.

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