Used Bass Boats

Inspect a Used Bass Boat Before Buying One

You don’t have to look very far to find used bass boats for sale.

The internet is full of web sites with these ads. Newspapers and weekly sales papers all proclaim to have the best deals.

Drive around on the roads leading to a popular body of water and chances are you will see all kinds of bass boats that will catch your eye and make you stop and check it out.

Finding used bass boats is not so much a problem.

Once you find a boat, how do you know the boat is in good condition and worth paying your hard earned money for? There is only one way and that is to inspect everything from head to toe...or...bow to stern.

This task is not so difficult but it takes some time and must be done right if you want to avoid disappointment in the future.

You don’t want to get out on the lake, discover your feet are wet for some reason and your bilge is not working! HaHa..Not funny!

And who knows, you may even get a depth finder in the deal!

Be sure and check it out when you take the boat for a test run on the lake. So to avoid losing your boat and fishing gear and swimming back to shore past the hungry looking gators, here are a couple of check lists for inspecting used bass boats.

Inspection by TritonMike

My first question is - Does the outboard motor have a warranty?

If possible take the boat to an independent dealer to have them do a detailed check on the motor for you. Things to check on the MOTOR:

1.Compression test

2.Look for milky colored oil in the lower unit.

3.Spin the prop shaft to be sure it is not bent.

4.Take it for a test drive.

Things to check on the BOAT:

1.Do not evaluate the condition of the boat in the rain.

2.Rub with your hands and scan with your eyes all the way around the boat.

3.Look at the keel closely and make sure the U bolt is attached firmly.

4.Get on your back and look under the actual hull for fiberglass exposure and major gouges.

5.Look right under the motor at the very back of the pad. If the hull shows very minor scratches it is a good sign.

6.Check the bilge on the test drive on the lake.

7.Make sure all the electronics work.

8.Look in all the storage compartments.

Things to check on the TRAILER:

1.Immediately after meeting, feel the hubs of the wheels. They should be warm to cool, not hot.

2.Look for rust on the underside of the trailer.

3.After launching the boat, check the running boards and channel supports on the trailer.

Inspection by Rico @ Nichols Marine

If you are going out to inspect a used boat, several tools will be needed:

1.Spark plug wrench

2.Large flat head screwdriver

3.Compression gauge

4.Hydrometer or Load tester

5.A catch tray for lower unit grease

If you had a used bass boat for sale, what would you do to make the boat and trailer look like a winner.

Maybe you would not offer all the information about the boat. Think about that.

So if you have any lingering doubts, ask questions of the boat owner.

Questions to ask the boat owner:

1.What year is the boat, motor and trailer?

2.How long have you owned the boat?

3.Are you the first owner?

4.Does this boat have an hour meter?

5.Why are you selling the boat?

6.Has the motor ever had major work and when?

7.Has the boat ever been in a wreck or had major structure work?

MOTOR Inspection:

1.Look for signs the lower unit has been welded.

2.Spin the prop and watch for wobble.

3.Pull the cowl and look over the motor.

4.Run a compression test and check for fuel, water or exhaust leaks.

5.After you run the lake test, check unit oil for signs of water.

BOAT Inspection:

1.Crawl under the boat and check it bow to stern for gouges.

2.If the fiberglass has turned brown or is soggy you could have serious lamination damage.

3.Check all the lids and seats for tears, cracks and hinge condition.

4.Check the transom for cracks that widen when you put weight on it. If those cracks widen or you get any flex in the transom, just walk away from this rig!

5.Load test the batteries.

LAKE Test:

1.Fill and test the live wells.

2.Check every switch and button.

3.Make sure you drive it and then you can really tell if it’s the rig for you.

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